Tuesday, April 7, 2015

8. More on Struggle (Ya gotta problem with breastfeeding?)


Good discussion on the link.
The chemistry professor paradox hinges on the idea that small particles don't struggle, but only interact. Therefore, how can large one's be necessarily in struggle?

This is a mere confusion. At higher levels of organization of anything anywhere, there are rules that apply to the higher level that don't apply at the lower levels. I don't remember how this applies, or to what classes this applies, but for animal life at least, there are what they call the four parts of Life: Feeding, Fighting, Fleeing and Reproducing. I suspect that in all life on earth, these four features must either exist or have an apology.

All things have a telos. A telos is a purpose for the thing. If the thing isn't already in the purpose or doing the purpose, then it must move toward the purpose. If the telos isn't revealed by a physical force, e.g., a slide by gravity or some such, then the thing--here a life form--must take action from within itself to move toward the telos.

a) emergent properties
b) The four Fs characterize (animal?) life
c) Anything with a telos and autonomy (self-direction, self-movement) will act with purpose against resistance--i.e., struggle-- to achieve that telos.


I thought this picture captures the discussion.

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