Saturday, April 4, 2015

7. Happy Easter: What if Jesus wasn't really raised from the dead?

Thanks to my friends at the Gospel Coalition.
What if nobody at all, even Jesus, wasn't and won't be, raised from the dead?

If Christ is not raised, the consequences for a fallen world are catastrophic.
1. Not even Christ is raised.
2. Preaching the gospel is useless.
3. Faith in Christ is worthless.
4. Every witness to the resurrection and all preachers of the resurrection are deluded liars.
5. Christianity is a fairy tale.
6. All of humanity remains captive to sin.
7. Everyone who died is in hell.
8. Christians are the most foolish people on earth.

This argument is by St. Paul, and aimed at Christians who were believing in Jesus the savior and messiah, but doubtful about the coming resurrection, saying that maybe there wasn't a resurrection after all.

I came to faith in a church context that emphasized, quote, asking Jesus into your heart, unquote. Yet a few years later, after being religious, someone ran through a statement of faith with me, and I said to myself, nobody really believes that stuff do they. After I came to an adult faith years later, the memory of that early doubt highlighted for me that asking Jesus into your heart without believing the gospel as fact is --not a good thing. To be generous.

Here is Handel's Messiah, a complete version, by the London Symphony.

Happy Easter.

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