Saturday, April 4, 2015

5. Why is there struggle? Part I.

I'm trying to answer the question "Why is there Struggle." One does not have to be a Darwinian to see that struggle is a metaphysically important (primary?) part of existence. Tell me, dear reader, do you know anyone who has ever addressed this for you, and addressed it well?
Of course, I'm doing a general search, but asking friends is the best way to cut to the chase for many things.

It appears that God has built struggle into the warp and woof of all existence. In God's own Being, it seems there is not this struggle, but love and community between the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. In all created things, angels and spiritual places and beings on down, it seems there is struggle.

End of part I.

Mark Erelli - Mother Of Mysteries Lyrics
Artist: Mark Erelli

Album: Little Vigils
for more information, see Mark's website.

Oh I wish I believed if only for you
In a Sweet Ever After beyond the blue
In an Eternal Father who after the fall
Cast us all out of the garden

Now I've found an Eden I can believe in
Leavened with nothing but time

There is grandeur in this view of life
Where one becomes many through struggle and strife
But the mother of mysteries is another man's call
Why is there something instead of nothing at all
Why is there something instead of nothing at all

If the devil's own chaplain is leading the prayer
From a book that's been written with sorrow and care
Then his hand is indifferent but it isn't unkind
There's no evil design in his sermon

For I hear a chorus of those gone before us
Scored upon pages of stone


Oh what an utter desert is a life without love
Would that your blessings alone were enough
To abandon my doubt in the veil of your tears
Oh my dear how the fabric has fallen

For I see an Eden I can believe in
Free from the master's design


Why is there STRUGGLE?

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