Sunday, November 8, 2015

Words or Music? I wonder.

Should I give myself to studying music, or learning more propositional knowledge?  The end of the first is to make new music, and the end of the second is to make new propositional knowledge; and also to teach others music and to teach others propositional knowledge.

Don't know.  Sorting my way through, down here at the crossroads.  But nobody seems to know me, they all just pass me by.

Back to topic.  Music makes me happy, keeps me at peace.  Most of the rest of life is preoccupied with keeping things on an even keel.

Plus, I sense a nudge from God to back out of my previous strategies to keep on balance.  Not overt sins, but not where I want to go ultimately.  What I've been doing is not my telos.  This nudge shifts the balance to make making music a high contender for what to do with my life hereon.

Home. Family. Teaching students.  Making music.  Keeping the farm running, as it were.  No great thing, all in all.  Like Lucius Quinctius Cincinnatus, if someone wants me for something, they know where I am.  And if God wants me, I hope I can hear Him when He whispers.

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